A monthly recap covering the latest news and updates in the NATS ecosystem.

Feb 6, 2024

RethinkConn 2024 has kicked off the year of NATS! Check out the exciting updates, our new NATS Ambassador, and all the new content!

Jan 2, 2024

Happy New Year! In addition to the December updates, check out the 2023 year-in-review highlights!

Dec 5, 2023

November was a fun month with meeting folks at KubeCon, planning for upcoming events, and making a plethora of releases!

Nov 7, 2023

Happy 13th Birthday to NATS! October has been packed with a variety of content, talks, and releases! Also Synadia Cloud has been made generally available!

Oct 3, 2023

September has been a busy month! This includes the NATS 2.10 release, a LOT of releases across clients and ecosystem projects, and variety of new resources and discussions!

Sep 5, 2023

August has brought a handful of announcements from Synadia, three new episodes, a plethora of articles and mentions, and lively discussions on GitHub!

Aug 1, 2023

This past month brings a slew of updates including 1.0.0 NATS Helm chart, stability of the v2 JetStream client API, the inaugural episode of the podcast! Also check out how NASCAR is using NATS for real-time ingest and distribution of telemetry data!

Jul 5, 2023

Happy July! This past month had quite a bit of activity with releases, content, and discussions. Also check out several pre-release efforts to engage with!

Jun 6, 2023

A new monthly cadence! A new NATS+Apache Spark connector, Synadia Control Plane went GA, and several engagement opportunities among many other things!

May 15, 2023

A .NET client release! Check out two brand new community projects, one being a MongoDB CDC connector and the other being a Kubernetes operator for decentralized auth mode! Finally, learn how NATS can act as a Web application backend.

May 8, 2023

A patch release for the Java client! Also, the NATS roadmap has been updated! 🙌 Watch how NATS KV can be used in a full-text search application. Finally, check out the recently published KubeCon EU talk on NATS!

May 2, 2023

A new minor release for the Prometheus NATS exporter! Join us for the inaugural (restart) of NATS office hours happening this week. Finally, check out a demo for a new Synadia product in the works 😉.

Apr 24, 2023

A new NATS Helm chart released! Check out the NATS server 2.9.16 release blog post. Also read two articles about NATS from Streamdal and HarperDB!

Apr 17, 2023

NATS server v2.9.16 has been released! Read how Modzy replaced Kafka with NATS as their central event streaming platform. Finally, check out a Systems Distributed talk by the NATS creator on the vision and prediction of connectivity.

Apr 11, 2023

A new Java client release and newly added support for NATS as an event sink for TimescaleDB. Also, curious how NATS compares to Kafka in terms of total cost of ownership? Finally, don't miss a newly released talk by Derek Collison!

Apr 3, 2023

Kubernetes Surveyor patch release, NATS integration in Microcks 1.7.0, and a couple of useful documentation updates! Also the Synadia team is hosting two sessions at KubeCon EU 2023 all about NATS!

Mar 27, 2023

Go and Rust client releases as well as Surveyor! Also check out two great recordings from the IoT Day Slam '23 featuring David Gee and Todd Beets from Synadia!

Mar 20, 2023

A Java client as well as the nsc CLI and Go nkeys library releases! Also the Chainguard folks have added us as an official image in theory repository! Finally, check out the Sandstorm blog on how NATS can be used as primary data storage 😎

Mar 13, 2023

C, Deno, Node, and WebSocket client releases! Check out Part Two of the NATS + SCADA series. And check out a Twitch feed on how to build a schema registry leveraging the new (preview) services API!

Mar 7, 2023

NATS server v2.9.15 released along with the Rust client and Helm chart! Register for IoT SlamDay to learn how NATS can simplify industrial automation! Also, check out the new screencast on the new NATS services API!

Feb 27, 2023

A light week, however we do have several releases for various clients and the Kubernetes NATS operator.

Feb 20, 2023

K8s operator releases along with a new NATS Streaming to JetStream data migration tool! Also, do you want to know how to integrate NATS with SCADA? We have a video for you :) Finally, check out all the active discussions happening and participate!

Feb 13, 2023

Deno, Rust, and Java client releases as well as an update to the NATS Helm chart! Also check out the article from our friends at on how they leverage NATS! Finally, did you know that Clickhouse supports NATS as a backend for declaring tables?

Feb 6, 2023

NATS server v2.9.14 released along with various other packages! A handful of new articles about NATS! Also check out a new IoT Community Masterclass for global edge fleet management with NATS!

Jan 30, 2023

A variety of client and k8s releases, a new Python framework leveraging NATS, and a new ADR discussion for user-defined stream and consumer metadata!

Jan 23, 2023

Please fill out the NATS Streaming migration survey! A handful of client releases this week along with a fantastic announcement by the HarperDB team on how they are leveraging NATS!

Jan 15, 2023

Java, Deno, WebSockets, and JavaScript client releases! Read about a new Python microservices framework called Panini! And learn how to configure subject-mapped stream partitions.

Jan 3, 2023

NATS server v2.9.11 and v0.26.0 of the Rust client have been released! Also check out the Rust key-value introductory example and how to configure mutual TLS in a Go program with an embedded server!

Dec 23, 2022

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! There are a handful of updates and a bunch of "best of" resources from 2022! Buckle up.

Dec 19, 2022

Deno, JavaScript, and WebSocket client releases with support for the new Service API! A new featured Java "KV Intro" NATS by Example. Also check out a new Rethink Connectivity talk on dynamic user permissions!

Dec 12, 2022

NATS Server, Helm chart, and nsc releases! Also a new Rethink Connectivity video on how to achieve "dynamic permissions" with decentralized auth. Also check out a short example on how simply it is to use Protobuf with NATS.

Dec 4, 2022

New releases for the Go, Deno, WebSocket, and JavaScript clients! Wonder how to get started with NATS native WebSockets support? And learn about the new set of subject mapping functions.

Nov 27, 2022

NATS v2.9.8 released along with Java, Rust, and Deno client releases as well as several k8s component releases! A new community blog post showcasing JetStream's KV store as well as a NATS blog post on how to achieve "infinite message deduplication with JetStream." Plus a fun podcast about one of Synadia's own, Jeremy Saenz!

Nov 21, 2022

The v2.9.7 NATS server and v0.23.0 Rust (async) client released! All of the RethinkConn 2022 videos are available along with the slide deck! A handful of interesting discussions along with a new community project called nats-watch!

Nov 14, 2022

This newsletter has turned one 🥳 ! Two fresh KubeCon and React Summit talks are now available! Also a handful of client library updates in Java, .NET, Rust, and Go!

Nov 8, 2022

NATS Server v2.9.6 released, a plethora of client releases, the CLI, and the Prometheus NATS exporter! The agenda has been posted RethinkConn 2022 and only two days remain to join and partake in the interactive demos!

Oct 31, 2022

Happy Birthday to NATS! v2.9.4 of the NATS server has been released along with v1.19 and v2.16.3 for the Go and Java clients, respectively. Also check out the link to the updated NATS roadmap!

Oct 24, 2022

k8s NATS 0.8.2 update, a couple of upcoming talks at Reactive Summit and KubeCon, and a handful of documentation improvements! Also check out Marmot that replaced their replication implementation to use NATS JetStream!

Oct 17, 2022

NATS v2.9.3 released which addresses a few issues (including two low-risk CVEs), Go, C, and Elixir client library updates, and a new draft, experimental API for JetStream-based request-reply semantics!

Oct 10, 2022

The v0.21.0 async Rust and v2.16.1 Java clients were released with more KV and Object Store API improvements and optimizations! Also don't miss the article on how the Matrix Dendrite project migrated to NATS from Kafka. Want to get acquainted with the key-value layer? Check out the new KV example for Go!

Oct 3, 2022

NATS v2.9.2 released with a few fixes and improved fan-out performance. The Python and Ruby clients have been updated with full support for the NATS 2.9 features. A lot of great articles, a new podcast about NATS and a new Rethink Connectivity screencast on leaf nodes you don't want to miss!

Sep 23, 2022

The server gets a patch release, a new version of the C client has been released to support NATS 2.9 features, and a handful of examples have been examples have been added.

Sep 19, 2022

This week, the NATS server 2.9 announcement post has been featured on the NATS blog, the majority of the official client libraries have new releases supporting the 2.9 server features, and the newsletter is getting a tweak to put the Q&A efforts to writing docs and other resources!

Sep 12, 2022

NATS server v2.9.0 released! Read about why Personal.AI choose NATS as a core component in their tech stack.

Sep 5, 2022

A Rust client release! Check out episode 6 of Rethink Connectivity! And, what are the options to defer message redeliveries for a consumer?

Aug 29, 2022

Deno, JavaScript, and WebSocket client releases! Check out the regional and cross-region stream examples! Also, what do all the advertise config options do?

Aug 22, 2022

Python client and k8s Helm chart releases! Should NATS invest in supporting MQTTv5? And, if I wanted to contribute to NATS what are my options?

Aug 15, 2022

A NATS surveyor release! Watch how to build a NATS supercluster on the Rethink Connectivity screencast! And, can a stream be placed across two clusters?

Aug 8, 2022

Rust client and k8s Helm chart releases! What exactly does the allow_responses permission do? And, check out a community member's "NATS playground" repo!

Aug 1, 2022

Java, Ruby, and k8s Helm chart releases! Read about how to programmatically create nkeys and JWTs in Node! And, remind what this republish feature is again? Also Byron Ruth (the original creator of this newsletter) joined Synadia!

Jul 25, 2022

A k8s Helm chart release! Read about how OpenFaaS is migrating to JetStream! And how do you choose a push vs pull consumer?

Jul 18, 2022

Rust client and k8s Helm chart releases! Check out the new NATS by Example website bootstrapped with five examples! Also, wonder what a whiteboard app backed by NATS looks like?

Jul 11, 2022

Rust, Java, and Python client releases! What exactly is the $G account? And, how large of a deduplication window can you have?

Jul 5, 2022

Java client release! Synadia launches a new screencast called Rethink Connectivity! Read how wasmCloud leverages NATS for global distribution. And, what exactly does "exactly-once" mean?

Jun 27, 2022

.NET client and k8s Helm chart releases! A new high-performance community .NET client! Also, a new site that hosts runnable examples for NATS!

Jun 20, 2022

Rust and .NET client releases! Watch how Form3 leverages NATS for their FinTech platform! Also, what does the unique_tag config option do for JetStream?

Jun 13, 2022

Java and Ruby client releases! What exactly is a slow consumer? And, how can you update the replicas or location of a stream?

Jun 6, 2022

Java client release! A deep drive video on the "state of NATS" by a core maintainer. Also, how are JetStream config, account, and stream limits related?

May 31, 2022

NATS server v2.8.4 released along with the Rust, Go, Python, Deno, JavaScript, and Websocket clients! Want a seamless way to bridge Caddy with NATS? Also what exactly does the stream republish feature do?

May 23, 2022

Java, Python, Deno, JavaScript, and WebSocket client releases! A new article on building event-driven systems leveraging NATS. And, learn how decentralized auth JWTs are managed and how keys can be rotated!

May 16, 2022

Rust, Elixir client releases along with the k8s Helm chart! Also how does a mirror behave when a mesage is deleted from the source? Also, which AWS EBS volume is appropriate for JetStream data?

May 9, 2022

NATS server v2.8.2 and Rust, Go, .NET, and Java client releases! Read about how Argo Events adopted JetStream for their message bus. Also, learn how to encrypt messages using the "age" Go package.

May 2, 2022

Rust and Java client releases! Also a placeholder repo for a possible Zig client?! And, what is this new deterministic token partitioning feature?

Apr 25, 2022

NATS Server v2.8.0 has been released! Along with the Rust client, CLI, and k8s Helm charts! A new community slide deck for learning the concepts of NATS! And, what are all the ways you can run a NATS server?

Apr 18, 2022

CLI and nsc releases! A new article on how to leverage NATS surveyor. And, what is the expected behavior of network interruptions?

Apr 11, 2022

Go and Python client releases! Two more articles by a community member on how to leverage nats-top and the CLI! Also, how can one model a "passage of time" stream?

Apr 4, 2022

k8s Helm chart release! Check out a new community project called HyperTrade. Also read about why choose NATS over Consul for their use case.

Mar 28, 2022

k8s Helm chart and nats-top releases! Watch a technical overview of JetStream at a recent meetup by a NATS maintainer! Also, did you know NATS can run on k3s at the edge? And, how do you implement the saga pattern using NATS?

Mar 21, 2022

C client and k8s Helm chart releases! What does my application need to consider regarding message order? And, what are some strategies for versioning message schema?

Mar 14, 2022

NATS Server v2.7.4 released along with Go, Java, and Elixir client releases. How can inactivie durable consumers be detected? And, is NATS synchronous or asynchronous?

Mar 7, 2022

v0.13.2 k8s Helm chart released! What happens when my NATS client disconnects? What exactly is the stream and consumer sequence number?

Feb 28, 2022

NATS Server v2.7.3 released! A great set of questions this week, including "how big should a NATS cluster be?" "How can I bridge the HTTP with NATS?" And, "what is the purpose of the pull consumer timeout?"

Feb 21, 2022

Multiple client releases as well as the k8s Helm chart! A new project called by AsyncJobs by a core NATS contributor! What should be considered with the pull consumer batch size?

Feb 14, 2022

Rust, Ruby, and k8s Helm chart releases! How does an interest-based stream work exactly? Also, gRPC is all the rage, but how does it compare to NATS?

Feb 7, 2022

NATS Server v2.7.2, .NET, Deno, JavaScript, and WebSocket client updates! Have you heard about the Simple IoT project? Get introduced to the .NET client through a community member's YouTube playlist! Also, what kind of publisher ordering guarantees can be achieved?

Jan 31, 2022

NATS server v2.7.1 released along with the Python client, and k8s Helm chart. What is the process for scaling up the stream replicas? And, what is the right balance of streams and subjects per stream?

Jan 24, 2022

Deno, JavaScript, WebSocket, and Rust client releases! Read first of an 11-part series on distributed messaging with NATS by a community member! Also, what are my options for subscribing to multiple subjects in my application?

Jan 17, 2022

NATS server v2.7.0, k8s v0.11.0, and more releases! JetStream has been added to the OpenMessaging benchmark repo! Also, should I need or put an L4 load balancer in front of NATS?

Jan 10, 2022

Java and .NET client releases with experimental Key-Value support! Watch a throwback "NATS Connect Live!" presentation using NATS on the power grid. Also a thorough article on grokking NATS consumers!

Jan 3, 2022

Learn and watch a demo about how to benchmark your environment using the NATS CLI! Are you a NATS end-user? Take the annual survey!

Dec 30, 2021

This is part two of #6 edition focused on more "Recently asked questions". Get insights in designing subject hiearchies, how R3 memory streams can tolerate a NATS cluster restart, and why you don't need a distributed task framework with NATS!

Dec 27, 2021

v1.4.0 Elixir client release as well as v1.1.0 of the NATS-Kafka bridge. Check out a new community project brings RPC via GraphQL over NATS. Also what is the maximum length a subject can be?

Dec 20, 2021

New community NATS client for PHP! Watch and learn about "mutually trusted NGS credentials" in a new video by a NATS core maintrainer. Also read about what the new stream Msg-Rollup header is used for.

Dec 13, 2021

nsc v2.5.0 released along with a patch release for nats-jsm-bridge fixing the log4j vulnerability! Also learn a simple pattern for adding a validation service in front of a stream!

Dec 6, 2021

NATS server v2.6.6, CLI v0.0.28, and k8s v0.10.0 released! Peak into the design decisions that when into Key-Value store by reading the architecture decision record. Also a new community NATS client written in Crystal!

Nov 29, 2021

New documentation walkthroughs for "Running a NATS service" and the experimental support for "Key-Value Store"! Also check out a community project called Panini, a Python microframework for NATS. Check our Adelina Simion talk about how Form3 leverages NATS as GopherCon UK 2021!

Nov 22, 2021

NATS server v2.6.5 released along with JavaScript, .NET, and Python client releases! Also a guest author on the NATS blog talking about microservices who also recently wrote a book all about building microservices platforms with NATS!