Join us as we talk all things on everything from the concepts & patterns, to use cases and real world outcomes. Each episode has video and audio so if you're a watcher or listener, we have you covered.


Episode 10Welcoming in 2024 with a bang
Jan 29, 202453:59
Episode 9Grokking Streams and Consumers
Nov 1, 20231:21:33
Episode 8AI at the Edge(s) with
Oct 11, 202347:03
Episode 4A Service Mesh Pattern for
Sep 5, 202351 min 17 sec
Episode 3Escaping the HTTP Mindset with
Aug 23, 202337 min 49 sec
Episode 2Monolith to Modular Monolith with
Sep 5, 202331 min 30 sec
Episode 1Protecting data with for ML, AI, and LLMs
Aug 1, 202317 min 31 sec