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Synadia Cloud

A global, extensible, multi-cloud NATS platform with an easy-to-use admin portal and API, all fully managed by Synadia.

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Fully Managed Global Service

Synadia Cloud takes care of all the infrastructure, management, monitoring, and maintenance for you so you can focus on building exceptional distributed applications.

Fully Managed Global Service

Account and User Management

Organize NATS Accounts into Teams, create and manage accounts and users. Assign permissions and access controls, importing and exporting subjects on accounts.

Account and User Management

Robust JetStream Management

Streamline your JetStream operations with tools designed for straightforward creation, management, replication, and monitoring of Streams, Consumers, KV, and Object Stores.

Robust JetStream Management

Custom Alerting

Observe and monitor your NATS systems, take advantage of default alert rules to handle common issues, and create custom alert rules to match your application.

Custom Alerting

Tailored to meet your needs and scale as you grow

Fully Extensible

Extend Synadia Cloud's presence with Leaf Nodes. Extend out to the edge or give your existing NATS deployments a global backbone for connectivity.

Extended API

Synadia Cloud includes a comprehensive API with an API Explorer that can be used to automate NATS workflows programmatically.

Multi-Cloud and Multi-Geo

Seamlessly link your applications and data across any cloud or region. Distribute and replicate your JetStream assets globally with ease with the confidence of a 99.99 uptime SLA.

Straightforward Pricing

Every plan gives you a pool of resources to allocate to your NATS Accounts. There are never any surprise charges or overages. Usage charts make it easy to discover where resources have been allocated.

Pricing plans that scale

Pick the plan that meets your needs. Get started in less than a minute.


  • 3 Accounts
  • 25 Connections
  • 3 Leaf Nodes
  • 1MB Message Size
  • 100GB Network Data
  • 10GB Storage
  • 1GB HA Storage


  • 10 Accounts
  • 100 Connections
  • 10 Leaf Nodes
  • 2MB Message Size
  • 1TB Network Data
  • 50GB Storage
  • 10GB HA Storage


  • 20 Accounts
  • 1,000 Connections
  • 25 Leaf Nodes
  • 8MB Message Size
  • 2TB Network Data
  • 1TB Storage
  • 100GB HA Storage


  • 2 Accounts
  • 10 Connections
  • 2 Leaf Nodes
  • 1MB Message Size
  • 10GB Network Data
  • 5GB Storage

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