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NATS Weekly #77

Week of May 8 - 14, 2023

💁 News

News or announcements that don’t fit into the other categories.

  • 🔍 Want to ask a question about the docs? The NATS documentation is hosted on the GitBook platform which recently introduced their new Lens feature. We have enabled it which leverages an OpenAI GPT model. If responses are less than ideal, be sure to thumbs up/down the response!

  • 🎟️ Curious how NATS can unlock the future of DataOps? Join the DataOps Poland virtual meetup on Tuesday, May 30th for NATS as a Next-Gen Connectivity Substrate, presented by Tomasz Pietrek, a software engineer from Synadia and NATS server maintainer. The presentation will be done in English.

⚡ Releases

Official releases from NATS repos and others in the ecosystem.

⚙️ Projects

Community created projects or integrations in the NATS ecosystem.

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Blog posts, tutorials, or any other text-based content about NATS.

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GitHub Discussions from various NATS repositories.