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NATS Monthly - December 2023

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News or announcements involving NATS.

RethinkConn 2024 is happening in January! Be sure to register here for Synadia’s next virtual event! Hear from users with diverse industry use cases, see some cool demos, and get a preview on what’s coming to NATS in 2024!

Synadia Cloud is now generally available! Synadia Cloud brings a whole new experience to Synadia’s existing global-scale, multi-tenant, managed NATS service, NGS. It incorporates the features of Synadia Control Plane, but for the cloud! Check out the announcement blog post for more information and take it for a spin!

Running AI workloads at the edge? NATS is in its own class of enablement for connectivity, data, and workloads for AI use cases at the edge. Check out this free set of resources to learn more!

Needing to scale and manage fleets at the edge? Be sure to register and virtually attend the talk Rethinking Connectitivy at the Edge: Scaling Fleets of Low-powered Devices using on December 14th!

In-person/virtual NATS meetup in India! The Nutanix CPaaS team is hosting the first in-person NATS meetup on December 14th! Check out the Meetup event details for the time, location, and agenda!

Still getting up to speed with NATS 2.10? Check out the recent 2.10 webinar which covers the major features of 2.10 with Q&A and a live demo of the Auth Callout feature integrated with an OAuth 2.0 web flow!

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Opportunities for engagement on NATS preview features, new projects, and Synadia products.

Have topic ideas or suggested guests for the podcast ? Reach out on Twitter, LinkedIn or in the NATS Slack #podcast channel!

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Audio or video recordings about or referencing NATS.

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Official releases from NATS repos and others in the ecosystem.

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Official learning resources, such as docs, screencasts, podcasts, and examples.

Rethink Connectivity Screencast

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