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Introducing Synadia Cloud

Nov 6, 2023
Introducing Synadia Cloud

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of Synadia Cloud, a new experience for accessing and managing NGS, our global, multi-cloud, multi-geo service.

Synadia Cloud allows you to create and manage Streams, Consumers, Accounts, Users, Imports, Exports, and more -  either through the comprehensive GUI, or via an API.

Manage Multiple NATS Accounts

NATS Accounts are securely isolated from one another.  Common uses include isolating environments, applications, and individual services within a modularized application deployment.

Synadia Cloud allows for managing multiple NATS Accounts within a Team, and makes it easy to securely share Services, Streams, and Feeds between Accounts with Imports and Exports.

JetStream Management

JetStream is an extremely powerful distributed persistence layer in NATS.  Synadia Cloud makes managing Streams, Mirrors, and KV Buckets easier than ever.  It also makes it simple to view Usage, Reservations, and Limits at a glance.

NATS User Management

Applications connect to NGS using NATS User credentials.  Synadia Cloud makes managing users with finely-scoped permissions a breeze. It also provides real-time information on NATS User Activity and Connections.

Connection Graph

View intricate details about every Client connected to NGS.  Group, sort, and drill into specific client details to verify connectivity or identify anomalies.

API Access

Synadia Cloud includes a comprehensive API with an API Explorer that can be used to automate NATS workflows programmatically.

Straightforward Pricing

When you sign up for a Team on Synadia Cloud, you get a pool of resources to allocate to your NATS Accounts.  There are never any surprise charges or overages.  Usage charts make it easy to discover where resources have been allocated.

This is just the beginning!

There are many more features planned for Synadia Cloud.  In the next release, you can expect:

  • Invite users to Teams to Collaborate

  • Fine-grained Access for Team Members

  • Migration guide for existing NGS accounts managed using NSC

Longer-term plans include:

  • Connect and manage NATS Clusters running in your own Cloud or Data Center

  • Stream and KV Browser

  • Fleet management

Sign up for a free Synadia Cloud account today!

Attending KubeCon North America 2023 in Chicago? Drop by booth #N38 for demo.