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NATS Weekly #43

Week of September 5 - 11, 2022

🗞 Announcements, writings, and projects

A short list of  announcements, blog posts, projects updates and other news.

️ 💁 News

News or announcements that don’t fit into the other categories.

  • NATS 2.9 was released! ✨ This is a milestone release so stayed tuned for an official announcement post coming in the next couple days. 😉

  • There may be a Zig client in the works! 😏

  • Want to work on NATS full time? Check out Synadia’s open positions!

  • ICYMI - last week’s newsletter which was sent out on Labor Day (a federal US holiday).


Official releases from NATS repos and others in the ecosystem.

📖 Articles

Blog posts, tutorials, or any other text-based content about NATS.

💬 Discussions

Github Discussions from various NATS repositories.

💡 Recently asked questions

Questions sourced from Slack, Twitter, or individuals. Responses and examples are in my own words, unless otherwise noted.

Last week was a fairly heads down week for the 2.9 release, so I am excusing myself for skipping a week since I am writing up the announcement post which will hopefully implicitly answer a lot of anticipated questions 😉.