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NATS Monthly - June 2023

👋 Welcome

This is the first issue using the new monthly release cadence providing a more comprehensive list of all things NATS! Not much has changed because we have gotten plenty of feedback on how folks appreciate the simple format! However, we may introduce a few new things over the next few issues.

We are excited to introduce a new section called “Engage” to better communicate opportunities to provide feedback and get involved with the direction of NATS projects and related products.

Now, let’s get on with it 👇

📣 News

News or announcements involving NATS.

Announcing the general availability of Synadia Control Plane! Control Plane provides a unified interface for securing, monitoring, and managing NATS systems, so you can focus on building next-generation applications. Check out the blog post for the full details! 🚀

Announcing the 1.0 release of the NATS + Apache Spark connector! This is the first official release of the NATS Apache Spark connector! Developed and maintained by Synadia.

NATS ❤️ Excel? Did you ever wonder how NATS could be integrated with Microsoft Excel? No? Well Alex Reid did and shared it on Twitter. It is quite awesome. 🫠

NATS Streaming is now end-of-life. June 1 marked the official end-of-life for NATS Streaming. 🪦For anyone still using the first generation of persistent streaming, external to the NATS server, we strongly recommend transitioning to JetStream, the persistence subsystem built into NATS. If you are brand new to JetStream, check out the video Migrating from NATS Streaming to JetStream!

🫶 Engage

Opportunities for engagement on NATS preview features, new projects, and Synadia products.

Beta release of the new NATS Helm Chart. The NATS Helm chart has been getting an overhaul to provide more flexibility with how configuration values are defined, making them easier to manage and extend. The 5th beta release is available, so please try it out and give us feedback in the repo or in the NATS Slack #k8s channel!

New JetStream Client API coming into public preview! A number of developers have been eagerly waiting and trying out the new JetStream client API for clients that have implemented it. We will soon be releasing a blog post formally announcing this public preview, describing the motivation, showcasing an example of the API, and a call-to-action for community feedback before finalizing the client implementations.

Exploring Synadia-designed Developer Education. Synadia doesn’t build domain specific applications.That’s the job of our users, both commercial and open source. We’re here to smooth your path to success and provide a strong foundation for you to build upon.

In light of that, we’re exploring a developer education program. Imagine being able to learn the concepts of distributed computing and how to apply them first-hand with NATS! You’ll gain new knowledge and learn to rethink existing approaches, while growing confident with novel technology considering future evolution of solutions.

Education of this nature takes significant effort and so, we’re asking for your help to determine the best time investment that will be useful to you. This is your chance to share what a meaningful experience or set of content would be most useful for you or your organization. We don’t want to build anything other than the best way for you to learn.

If you can spare three minutes, please fill out a simple questionnaire! We’ll release the anonymized results in the next newsletter.

📅 Events

Upcoming events or talks involving NATS.

🎬 Media

Audio or video recordings about or referencing NATS.

📖 Articles

Blog posts, tutorials, or any other text-based content about NATS.

⚡ Releases

Official releases from NATS repos and others in the ecosystem.

💬 Discussions

NATS repositories having recent GitHub Discussions.