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Announcing the General Availability of Synadia Control PlaneWhat can Control Plane do?

Jun 6, 2023
Announcing the General Availability of Synadia Control PlaneWhat can Control Plane do?

Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of Synadia Control Plane!

Synadia Control Plane is everything you need to manage deployments, whether on-premise, across clouds, or at the edge. It is a unified interface for securing, monitoring, and managing NATS systems, so you can focus on building next-generation applications.

What can Control Plane do?


Synadia Control Plane provides topology visualization of all servers in a NATS system, enabling system administrators to find performance hot spots, quickly and easily.

View the performance of the nodes in each cluster in Synadia Control Plane.

Client connections can be filtered, grouped, and sorted, allowing for detailed analysis of the applications connected to NATS.  System administrators can grant application owners access to view connection activity on their NATS Accounts or Users only, enabling robust self-service debugging capabilities.

Monitor client connections and get details on which server or cluster they belong to.

Control Plane runs a monitoring agent that collects metrics from every NATS server that is based on the open source NATS Surveyor project.  A customizable set of alert rules is included to notify you when the system is experiencing failures or NATS Accounts are approaching limits.

View and manage your alert rules from your Control Plane dashboard.


Control Plane makes managing NATS Accounts and Users a breeze. Sharing messages and streams across Accounts is easier than ever, enabling a host of new possibilities for collaboration between teams.

View and manage access invitations inside Synadia Control Plane.

JetStream management is also supported - Stream, KV Bucket, and Consumer management are all handled by Control Plane.

Control Plane's UX makes consumer management intutive and easy.


Control Plane ships with a robust policy-based authorization engine.  Roles and policies can be customized to fit virtually any use case.

It supports integration with enterprise authorization systems including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, Okta, or any provider that supports Open ID Connect.

Security and API

Security is a top priority in Control Plane - TLS is supported throughout the application.  Secrets encryption can be handled by Key Management Systems (KMS) including AWS Key Management Service, Azure KeyVault, Google Cloud KMS, and HashiCorp Vault.

Control Plane includes a REST API to enable programmatic provisioning and workflows.

View the performance, details, and recent activity of users inside Synadia Control Plane.

Try it Today!

Synadia Control Plane, developed and supported by the creators of NATS, dramatically improves the productivity of developers and operators deploying NATS systems. We are excited to share the journey with you. For additional information on how to get started please visit the following sites: