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NATS Monthly - September 2023

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News or announcements involving NATS.

NATS Server v2.9.22 to be released this week! This is the last planned patch release for the 2.9.x series before 2.10 is released later this month. There are a few notable changes that will be highlighted in a blog post following the release.

Hardened image for the DoD community. Synadia has announced support and maintenance of a image now available in Platform One Iron Bank image registry. Check out the press release for more details!

Synadia support is now available in the AWS marketplace! We have had many requests to simplify procurement of Synadia offerings via well established marketplaces. AWS is the first one, but more will follow. Check out the three tiers of support available!

Synadia has earned SOC 2 Type 1 compliance! Synadia has always been dedicated to security. However, it’s one thing for us to implement security policies and business processes internally, and it’s another thing entirely for us to be able to demonstrate it in a way that satisfies auditors and our customers alike. Check out the blog post to learn more!

ICYMI, check out the NATS vs Kafka resource collection. Apache Kafka is very well known and, arguably, the dominant first-mover in the data streaming space a decade ago. Many users assume Kafka when it comes to persistent data streams, however NATS supports nearly all of the use cases Kafka does, but with lower complexity and cost. The best part is that NATS serves many more use cases with native support for subject-based messaging, key-value, and object store.

If you are an existing Kafka shop or evaluating it for your use case, check out the resource collection to help inform your decision.

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Opportunities for engagement on NATS preview features, new projects, and Synadia products.

Have topic ideas or suggested guests for the podcast? We are four episodes in and having a great time! We have plenty to talk about and guests queued up, but please reach out if there is a topic or guest you have in mind on Twitter, LinkedIn or in #podcast NATS Slack channel!

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