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NATS Monthly - January 2024

📣 News

News or announcements involving NATS.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Thanks to our vibrant community for another awesome year! The NATS Slack group has grown 30% over the past year in terms of net new members as well as monthly active members!

If you are not already aware, check out all the great NATS resources available including:

If you haven’t already, please contribute to our long-running NATS end-user survey!

RethinkConn 2024 is happening on January 11th! Check out the announcement blog for the sign-up link and a preview of our special guests who will be sharing how they are leveraging NATS across a diverse set of use cases.

Synadia Cloud is now generally available! Synadia Cloud brings a whole new experience to Synadia’s existing global-scale, multi-tenant, managed NATS service, NGS. It incorporates the features of Synadia Control Plane, but for the cloud. Check out the announcement blog post for more information and take it for a spin.

Running AI workloads at the edge? NATS is in a class of its own for enablement of connectivity, data, and workloads for AI use cases at the edge. Check out this free set of resources to learn more.

🫶 Engage

Opportunities for engagement on NATS preview features, new projects, and Synadia products.

Have topic ideas or suggested guests for the podcast ? Reach out on Twitter, LinkedIn or in the NATS Slack #podcast channel!

✨ Highlights

Special end-of-year section highlighting the most notable content, projects, and talks.

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Notable mentions of NATS on social channels.

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Audio or video recordings about or referencing NATS.

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Official releases from NATS repos and others in the ecosystem.

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Official learning resources, such as docs, screencasts, podcasts, and examples.

Rethink Connectivity Screencast

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NATS repositories having recent GitHub Discussions.