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RethinkConn 2024

Dec 19, 2023
RethinkConn 2024

RethinkConn is the premier developer conference hosted by Synadia. The three-hour 2024 virtual event is happening on Jan 11th, 2024 at 11am EST (16:00 UTC).

Please join us and the global NATS community for updates on new product features and the 2024 roadmap, experience some great demos, and hear from our team on a few “bleeding edge” R&D ideas as well.

So Why NATS in 2024?

2023 was a busy year for NATS. With a rapidly growing community of contributors and an extremely active Slack group, the pace of innovation is only continuing to accelerate.

We are consistently hearing how NATS is being deployed to address many of the most challenging distributed computing challenges. Here are just a couple of the more interesting and repeatable use-cases we are seeing:

  • Securely managing real time telemetry data & software updates for fleets of thousands of globally distributed devices (think sensors, vehicles, networking equipment, satellites, etc…)

  • Delivering consistent sub-100 millisecond latency for key-value use cases involving hundreds of millions of keys across multiple geographies

  • Executing and feeding AI models on low resourced hardware and edge environments as close to where the data is created as possible

And the pace of innovation and the scale of these use-cases is not going to slow down.

RethinkConn Special Guests

This year we are excited to showcase NATS production use-cases from our community. We frequently hear “NATS does THAT” - whether it is pub-sub, request-reply, data streaming, key-value or object store. NATS enables truly innovative solutions. So who better to hear stories from than the actual users themselves? We are thrilled to have the following guests share their journey with NATS.

Franco Sabini— Online Trading Architect, Fineco Bank

Nathan Mellis — Director Engineering, Modzy

Jaxon Repp — Field CTO, HarperDB

Ramon Bosch — CTO, Nuclia

Max Arndt — Senior DevOps Engineer, Schaeffler

Our goal at Synadia is to provide solutions that remove complexity from distributed systems, spanning development, architectural, and operational concerns. Connecting your digital core from the cloud to the edge with a single connective technology is one of NATS superpowers and we look forward to showcasing this during the session.

For a quick primer on NATS or a preview of the type of content you can expect please check out the recordings from previous RethinkConn events.

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