Connectivity Meets AI:
The Evolution of Modern Vehicles

From the designer to the developer, from engineering to product delivery, from the manufacturer to the customer, Synadia improves the driving experience with today’s highly connected and AI-ready vehicles – quality, performance, safety and enjoyment.

Remote Commands
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Ensuring driver confidence and pleasure with simplified critical communications - car operations, safety and entertainment - instantly via car and mobile devices

Fleet managers

Optimizing fleet usage, availability and security with constant updating of vehicle tracking, guidance and journey planning for every kind of driver

Factory managers

Monitoring vehicle quality during manufacturing and enabling tip-top performance with real-time, accurate KPIs and metrics for brand manufacturers and component suppliers


Delivering secure and reliable driver experiences with data and applications built on an open-source cloud-native platform, safely connecting global and local teams, business units, partners and drivers from the cloud to the multi-site edge


Accelerating the development of distributed, intelligent applications leveraging a cloud-to-edge native dev platform, managed self-hosted support, SDKs in multiple languages and real-time diagnostics and debugging for distributed fleets and vehicles


Rapidly resolving issues and deploying improvements and updates for vehicle reliability and performance with remote data syncs, real-time alerts and remote expert resolution before a problem escalates

The future of transportation is connected AI-ready vehicles

Synadia leads this transformation, providing seamless connectivity and powering AI applications to enhance safety, performance and the driving experience. As the automotive industry evolves, Synadia's technology is crucial for innovation and preparing vehicles for tomorrow.

Autonomous Cars
Smarter, Safer Transportation
Synadia provides connectivity and enhances real-time data processing for more efficient transportation solutions
Optimized Operations
Synadia optimizes manufacturing and fleet management with high availability and robust security
Leading AI-Ready Innovation
Synadia drives the development of reliable AI-ready vehicles, meeting the future needs of the automotive industry

True global scale at your fingertips

With Synadia, you can easily move and replicate your microservices, streams and storage across the globe, reducing latencies and enhancing customer experiences no matter their location.

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