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NATS Monthly - June 2024

📣 News

News or announcements involving NATS.

  • Interested in a hands-on NATS workshop and you are in the Asia Pacific region? On June 12th, 2024, Jeremy Saenz from Synadia will host a workshop focusing on building microservice architectures better with NATS. View the event and register here!

  • ICYMI Synadia Cloud now offers an HTTP Gateway! Read the blog post to learn more, see examples, and get started!

🎤 Mentions

Notable mentions of NATS on social channels.

📖 Articles

Blog posts, tutorials, or any other text-based content about NATS.

⚙️ Projects

Community created projects, integrations, or discussions in the NATS ecosystem.

  • softwaremill/OtterJet - A project designed to provide a visualization of messages from a NATS JetStream server.

🧑‍🎓 Resources

Official learning resources, such as docs, screencasts, podcasts, and examples.

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⚡ Releases

Official releases from NATS repos and others in the ecosystem.

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NATS repositories having recent GitHub Discussions.