Microservices for the Era of
Edge and AI

From the designer to the developer, Synadia provides a light and secure, high-performance messaging system and connectivity fabric perfect for modern microservices and critical to distributed AI-ready businesses - on the edge, in the cloud and on premises

$ nats service ls

How Synadia Helps

The Synadia Platform’s service framework features a lightweight API and toolset that accelerates and streamlines microservices development. It supports a wide range of modern application needs, including durable and reliable messaging, as well as versatile configuration and data management capabilities.

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Leverage self healing clients, transparent load balancing and automatic failover

Secure multi-tenancy

Enhance security with integrated account-level isolation for data and stream protection, tenant limits and decentralized authentication and authorization

Location transparency

Create nomadic applications without the need for service meshes, DNS or specialized cloud infrastructure. Develop once and deploy anywhere – in regions, on the edge and multi cloud


Gather observer traffic and global metrics in real time – no extra components required

Multi-pattern development

Streamline your development stack with integrated Synchronous Request-Reply, Asynchronous Publish-Subscribe, Streaming, Key-Value and Object Store operations – across multiple languages

"We chose NATS as our central event streaming platform because it’s light, fast, secure and enables the bi-directional communication needed to support the complex topologies required for real-time edge AI applications."
Nathan Mellis
Nathan MellisHead of Engineering, Modzy

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Rethinking Microservices Screencast

In this video, Jeremy goes addresses the current state of overwhelm when building micro-service architectures and how a technology like NATS.io can help solve many of the current requirements for microservices within a single piece of infrastructure.
Rethinking Microservices Screencast

Watch our talk from KubeCon 2023

Jeremy and Byron demonstrate how you can use NATS to create a highly distributed topology that extends all the way to the edge.
Watch our talk from KubeCon 2023

True global scale at your fingertips

With Synadia, your customers never have to worry about application and data latency with microservices, streams, key-value and objects stores that are easy to move and replicate anywhere in the world

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