Modernizing Financial Services Messaging with

NATS is the best-in-class open source, low-latency, high performance messaging system being chosen today over MQ and Rendezvous.

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"Besides using NATS to replace Rendezvous, we immediately realized that Key Value Store could fit many use cases. JetStream's Key Value Store is currently used in production."
Franco Sabini
Franco SabiniVP IT Project Management, FinecoBank

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Why Financial Institutions
Turn to NATS

NATS provides the most comprehensive open source messaging and streaming platform

Simple migration from legacy messaging e.g. RV, MQ, etc.
High throughput and low latency on commodity hardware.
Cloud Native running in Kubernetes/containers/or bare metal.
Cloud Agnostic spanning on multiple clouds. Single platform for multiple patterns including microservices, service discovery, streaming, key-value and object store.
Powerful, flexible deployment model that scales from single cluster to global deployments with integrated fault tolerance and HA.
Secure integrated zero trust security and multi tenancy.

Our team of experts helped design the software used in financial services today. Then created NATS to fill the desire for an open source technology with improved low-latency and high performance messaging.

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