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Synadia Cloud Stream Viewer preview is here!

Mar 19, 2024
Synadia Cloud Stream Viewer preview is here!

Today, we are launching the Synadia Cloud Stream Viewer preview for all users!  Viewing the data in Streams has been one of our top requested features, and we are excited to offer this capability natively.

Under normal operation, the Stream Viewer shows items in the stream from oldest to newest, and offers filtering on Subject, Start Sequence and Start Date/Time.

Stream contents are listed using a headers-only query so that iteration remains performant.  Upon expanding an item in the stream, a direct get is performed to fetch that item’s value.  The viewer runs content type detection on the value and offers options for pretty printing and copying values if supported.

Synadia Cloud stream viewer in regular mode

When Live Mode is enabled, the Stream Viewer listens to new messages and displays them as they come in.  The live stream can be paused to investigate the contents of a live message and resumed on demand.

Synadia Cloud stream viewer in live mode

We will extend the Stream Viewer functionality to KV and Object Store buckets over the coming weeks.  It will also be available to Synadia Platform in the April Feature Release.  We welcome any feedback in the #synadia-cloud channel on the Slack!