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Synadia Closes Series B Funding

Derek Collison
Feb 22, 2024
Synadia Closes Series B Funding

I’m delighted to share that Synadia has raised $25M in Series B funding, led by Forgepoint Capital and joined by our Series A lead investor, True Ventures. As part of this funding, Ernie Bio, Managing Director at Forgepoint, will join our board of directors.

We founded Synadia with a vision of simplifying modern distributed systems. Our premise was that distributed systems should function seamlessly across all geographical regions, work out of the box with all cloud providers, and operate at the edge. We began by rethinking connectivity. We ditched the complexity and lock-in of cloud networking solutions in favor of a straightforward, intelligent connectivity layer that allows applications to connect securely from any location.

Once we solved for connectivity, it became more apparent that our next challenge was at the data layer. In this new, hyper-distributed world, how is data stored? How does it efficiently move and replicate across clouds and data centers? How do we keep it secure and in the right place? We addressed these questions head-on with NATS JetStream, a persistent data layer- intentionally designed to solve this new reality.

In helping more organizations adopt NATS and JetStream to simplify their tech stack, we realized that our approach to distributed systems applied far beyond just connectivity and data. Solving these first two pillars opened up a newer, streamlined paradigm for running workloads. We’ve been hard at work creating an environment where your applications, services, functions, and data are all securely connected, able to live and move anywhere, and available at your fingertips at any time.

Synadia is still a young company but one with great talent and aspirations. A team of dedicated superstars has worked with me on NATS for the last 6+ years and it has been amazing to see this connective technology grow and thrive. Today, NATS handles trillions of messages per day and is running in some of the largest companies in the world. This is an impressive milestone that speaks to NATS’ ability to scale and solve major distributed computing challenges

Our original commitment remains the same today—to create an open-source technology platform that provides low-latency, real-time, and secure access to services and data in any geography, with any cloud provider, in any edge environment. The most exciting part of this journey has been witnessing the groundswell of enthusiasm for NATS and the innovative solutions it provides. Witnessing its adoption by the most innovative startups up to global 100 companies, and across vertical markets from manufacturing, industry 4.0 and IoT to retail, warehouse automation, financial services, gaming, AI and more has been incredible. Talking to users, customers, and partners about how they are innovating with Synadia and NATS is always the highlight of my day. If you are a NATS user and want to connect, I’d love to hear your NATS story. Reach out to me at

We pride ourselves on our technical excellence and commitment to our customers and users, who push us to improve every day. We strive to reinvent the how, not the what. Modern systems still need micro-services, access to data like Key Value and Object Stores, and relational data. Synadia and NATS open these designs up for more global and diverse deployments. Our best outcomes occur when we partner with companies to design compelling, groundbreaking systems. If you want to consult with our team of NATS experts, contact us at

Since closing our funding, I’ve been asked numerous times what we plan to do with the funds. That’s an easy one - we will continue making NATS more valuable for our open-source ecosystem, customers, and partners by continuing to invest in the server and clients and by providing additional tools to help deploy and manage NATS systems. In addition, we will be developing value-added services, integrations, and extensions that will decrease time to value and simplify developer experiences. Our commitment to open source remains central to who we are and what we are developing. Open-source communities produce the world’s best software, and we are proud and humbled by the flourishing and diverse NATS community that has formed.

Stay tuned; we’re just getting started.