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Synadia Cloud, NATS Execution Engine and more: A recap of RethinkConn 2024

Jeremy Saenz
Jan 16, 2024
Synadia Cloud, NATS Execution Engine and more: A recap of RethinkConn 2024

Last week, NATS community members tuned in to learn about the exciting directions we're taking with our open source and commercial products.

Missed the event? Here’s a quick roundup.

Community Highlights

RethinkConn 2024 began with a powerful vision from NATS Creator and Synadia CEO, Derek Collison. He underscored the need to rethink critical components, from connectivity to data and compute.

Following Derek’s keynote, we showcased a series of success stories from the NATS community. These stories highlighted how NATS and Synadia technology have sparked significant transformations within their respective organizations.

Unleashing the power of NATS with Synadia Cloud

Caleb Lloyd from our Synadia Cloud team showcased key features of the recently launched Synadia Cloud. In a practical demonstration, he highlighted how easy it is to inspect connections, manage credentials, and create, replicate, and relocate streams.

Running workloads with NATS Execution Engine

We unveiled an exciting addition to our lineup: the NATS Execution Engine (NEX). NEX enables developers to deploy Binaries, Serverless Functions, and Containers securely and independently. Don't just take our word for it, check out the video!

Two Node Engine in K3s

Since release, we've received much community feedback about using NATS JetStream in more limited environments. Our guest, Andrew Gracey from SUSE, gave us a sneak peek into our forthcoming Two Node Engine designed for two node K3S edge setups.

NATS Project Roadmap

Synadia’s Byron Ruth shared exciting updates coming to NATS in 2024, including Key-value typed semantics (Counter, list, set map) and distributed tracing compatible with open telemetry. In addition to the OSS roadmap, Byron provided insights into Synadia's future plans to enhance the scope and functionality of Synadia Cloud and Synadia Platform.

The NATS Ambassador Program

To wrap things up, we reviewed the NATS community journey and proudly announced our first ever NATS Ambassador: Maurice van Veen! Congratulations Maurice, and thank you for being such a valued part of our community.

A Big Thanks to our Community!

RethinkConn 2024 was a resounding success thanks to the invaluable contributions of our vibrant NATS community. Your passion and camaraderie continually inspire us. Here’s to another year of innovation and growth together. You’re simply the best!