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Creating a global virtual healthcare cloud with Control Plane & Synadia NGS

Nathan Mcneill & Steve Dischinger
Oct 3, 2022
Creating a global virtual healthcare cloud with Control Plane & Synadia NGS

Multi-Cloud is a buzzword today but one with real bite. In real conversations with real users and engineering teams, we hear it over and over again. These teams want this to move away from dependency on a single cloud ASAP. The reasons why are clear:

  • Eliminate cloud lock-in

  • Improve resiliency and availability

  • Gain more control over performance and SLA fulfillment

  • Optimize pricing and enable smart arbitrage across zones, geographies and instance types or cloud services

This is why we are so excited about our partnership with Control Plane. Control Plane is a platform that abstracts away all of the complexities of building multi-cloud applications. On Control Plane, microservices can run simultaneously on any combination of cloud compute and consume any combination of cloud services without embedded credentials. The platform handles identity conveyance and authorization uniformly, utilizing best-practices/least privilege principles consistently and securely.

Control Plane now integrates Synadia’s NGS managed NATS-as-a-Service offering to provide multi-cloud messaging, data streaming, eventing, and persistence capabilities to applications developers on a global-scale.

With NGS, Control Plane customers gain a unified connectivity utility and data mesh that removes the need to manage and provision different services on individual clouds. With simple script and easy configs, they can replace virtually any heavyweight messaging, data streaming, and pub/sub platforms.  NGS also includes JetStream, a highly configurable persistence layer included in JetStream allows you to set detailed parameters and persistence policies and includes an inline key-value store for caching (replacing Redis, in many instances) and an object store.

“Our customers love NGS because it gives them a virtual ‘nervous system’ that can move data and information in any pattern they want, in any cloud environment,” says Doron Grinstein, founder and CEO of Control Plane.

“NATS and NGS are incredibly light, very fast, efficient and versatile. It was designed for fanning out to customers. Now, with JetStream, it can also handle pushing information down for eventing and durability,” says Dimy Jannot, CTO of SAFE Health, which uses Synadia NGS and Control Plane for granular policy application and certificate management across clouds. “The integration with Control Plane allows us to leverage NGS in all of our environments without managing credentials. We can manage developer and workload permissions at a granular level that aligns with our zero-trust model. NGS and NATS are lower cost, easier to manage and far more flexible than Kafka. I am pushing it everywhere.”

“Synadia’s customers demand a simple and secure multi-cloud experience. Integrating with Control Planes’ Universal Cloud Identity model extends our zerotrust implementation and accelerates developer productivity ” says Synadia CEO and founder Derek Collison, the creator of

Control Plane gives any organization Big-Tech cloud portability with a few lines of code. On Control Plane, your workload runs as-if-native on all clouds. Control Plane routes to containerized workloads in a geo-optimized manner, delivering ultra-low latency. A single workload can consume endpoints from multiple cloud accounts across different clouds, using any cloud-specific service. Workloads securely and efficiently call any TCP/UDP endpoints behind a firewall, such as in a private data center or inside a VPC.

For Control Plane users, Synadia NGS offers a connectivity Swiss Army Knife that is easier, faster, and less costly than RabbitMQ, MQTT, Kafka, SMS/SQS, and most gRPC-based messaging infrastructure. Written in Go, offers lightning-fast performance and low latency. Used with Control Plane, NGS can handle a wide variety of use common cases including:

  • Multi-Cloud / Multi-Geo messaging

  • Zero Trust policy and authentication simplification

  • IoT and edge applications

  • User management of distributed applications

  • Coordination of active/active architectures and near-instant failover

Control Plane and Synadia are making multi-cloud a whole lot easier. Here are some additional resources: