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Announcing Synadia Platform

Feb 22, 2024
Announcing Synadia Platform

We are pleased to announce Synadia Platform, the next iteration of our managed and self-hosted product!

Synadia Platform consolidates and simplifies three existing offerings including: Synadia Control Plane, Managed NATS, and Enterprise Support. Going forward this means there is the choice of Synadia Cloud or Synadia Platform.

What exactly is it?

Synadia Platform is a deployable bundle of components that provide the same user experience and capabilities as Synadia Cloud, but deployed in your environment.

  • There are two primary reasons motivating the need for Synadia Platform:

    Industries having strict regulatory or compliance requirements that must be met, such as financial services and healthcare, often cannot use multi-tenant SaaS’ such as Synadia Cloud.

  • Use cases of a certain scale or that require sustained performance would be better served as a standalone deployment with dedicated hardware and networking.

Synadia Platform enables customers in these categories to leverage all the capabilities of Synadia Cloud, but as a standalone deployment, managed by Synadia or self-hosted.

What capabilities are included?

The initial component included in Synadia Platform is Synadia Control Plane, providing all the same capabilities as it did previously while acting as the central user interface for new components going forward.

At RethinkConn 2024, we provided a preview into our product roadmap, mentioning features such as HTTP connectivity, a schema registry, declarative workloads powered by Nex, and more. These components will be bundled within Synadia Platform as they are released.

What is the managed offering?

With the managed offering, Synadia helps design the right topology for your needs, whether it is single-region, multi-region, multi-cloud, or cloud-to-edge.

Once designed and sized, we manage the provisioning, maintenance, upgrades, security patching, and monitoring of Synadia Platform in your cloud.

How to get started?

Contact us to talk to our team of experts to design the appropriate deployment!